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Jakub Skoneczny
javascript developer

About me in a few words

Hi! My name is Jakub Skoneczny and I am a Javascript Developer! I have been programming for a long time. Programming is my hobby, which makes my work a pleasure. I play guitar, watch movies, and read interesting facts about space and stars in my spare time. Sometimes I play chess or board games with friends.

My skills

Below I have listed the skills I have acquired and a short description presenting my understanding of a given technology

  • HTML5
    Semantics, a11y, knowledge of WCAG 2.0 and ARIA
  • CSS
    Responsive design, Flexbox, and CSS Grid, SASS, BEM, SVG, animation. Cross-browser compatibility
  • JavaScript
    DOM manipulations, knowledge of ES6+ standards, AJAX, OOP, D3 visualizations, SPA, PWA, testing with Jest, Typescript
  • React
    Advanced knowledge of Next.js, Hooks, Lifecycle Methods, Context, React with Typescript, State management. Designing performant components and smooth animations
  • NodeJS
    Designing REST and GraphQL APIs, Microservices, DDD, knowledge of Express and NestJS, Database communication, Authorization, Unit testing, 3rd party integrations
  • PHP
  • SQL
    CRUD operations, grouping data, sorting data, joining data, designing performant queries
  • NoSQL
    Single Table design pattern, CRUD operations
  • Typescript
  • GIT
  • Linux
  • AWS
  • Python

My experience

Below I have listed my work experience

  • |Netguru S.A.Node.js Developer

    Developing applications and consulting for external Clients Stack: Node.js, Nest.js, Express, Typescript, AWS, SQL, NoSQL, Docker

  • |Orange PolskaJavascript Developer in Team Portal

    Working on the main website and e-commerce for Orange Polska Stack: React, Next.JS, JavaScript, Typescript, HTML, CSS

  • |XD2SketchFrontend Developer

    Working on the new platform and design converter Stack: React, Next.JS, JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS, HTML, CSS

  • |Orange PolskaIntern in Business Solutions Team

    Maintaining and developing internal applications and Dev-Ops Stack: PHP, MySQL, HTML, Bootstrap, JavaScript, Linux (CentOS)

  • |IKSEL AdvertisingJunior Full-Stack Web Developer

    Developing and maintaining static websites and basic web applications Stack: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS, MongoDB